The Lennon Report is a story about the experience of ordinary people thrown into an extraordinary situation. It’s about how everyday people experienced a historic moment in time, how they felt, what they were compelled to do. We showed how people were already interpreting John Lennon’s legacy immediately after his shooting; how his voice informed the decisions that people made.

What we couldn’t depict in the film is how John Lennon’s voice would continue touching people’s lives. His message lives on today inspiring, guiding, and influencing people of all walks of life and we want to spread that message too. That is the purpose of our #LennonLegacy #TheLennonReport campaign.

We want to hear your story. Please share with us what John Lennon’s legacy means to you. Please tweet your thoughts, stories, and feelings using the hashtags #LennonLegacy #TheLennonReport. To see what others are sharing  search for #lennonlegacy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.